Meillä työskentelee tällä hetkellä noin 130 asiantuntijaa muun muassa myynti-, logistiikka-, talous-, markkinointi-, HSEQ- ja asiakaspalvelutehtävissä.

Työntekijämme työskentelevät monipuolisissa ja haastavissa tehtävissä. Tarjoamme jokaiselle työntekijällemme mahdollisuuden luoda ja kehittää ammattitaitoaan sekä verkostojaan. Rento ja positiivinen ilmapiiri rakentaa erinomaista yhteishenkeä sekä toivottaa jokaisen työntekijän tervetulleeksi. 

Tällä sivulla pääset tutustumaan Algol Chemicalsin työntekijöiden tehtäviin. Voit tutustua monipuoliseen työyhteisöömme uratarinoiden kautta. Työntekijämme ovat itse kertoneet tehtävistään, kokemuksistaan, ajatuksistaan ja opeistaan. Tutustu uratarinoihin ja inspiroidu!

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Summer jobs provide valuable pre-graduation work experience and nice income for students, while also allowing the permanent workforce to enjoy stress-free vacations. We have been privileged at Algol Chemicals to enjoy the help of several summer workers this year. Here we introduce you to Henrik Nikkilä, Bachelor of Science in Technology and first-year Master’s student in biomass refining at Aalto University’s School of Chemical Engineering, who has spent the last three months with Algol Chemicals HSEQ* team assisting in a wide range of tasks related to safety documentation.









 Henrik Nikkilä became interested in chemicals only after he was accepted to university. He has since gathered work experience in the field by working in as research assistant at the university. In summer 2017 he ended up at Algol Chemicals more or less by chance after spotting the job ad on the internet. He was interested in working in a chemicals sales organisation and was keen to learn about the dynamics of the business.

Henrik found out from his fellow students that Algol was a well-established company, and at the job interview he was told about the company’s positive atmosphere. The job itself, assisting with safety documentation, also sounded compelling.

“To complement my theoretical knowledge on chemical safety and legislation, I wanted to gain some practical experience and see how safety- and legislation-related issues affect other parts of the business and vice versa,” Henrik explains.

Henrik started in his position in mid-June. Over the next three months he learned that the atmosphere at Algol Chemicals is not only positive but also rather hearty and rakish. There is a very low hierarchy, and even the managing director sits around the same coffee table as the others, laughing at the jokes that are more of a rule than an exception.

“The cooperation between the units was really smooth, and it was easy to go and knock on anyone’s door to ask for advice,” Henrik admits.

“The work itself wasn’t always simple or straightforward, but the positive attitude meant that even the most challenging tasks were solved easily. I received a warm welcome on my first day and got along well with everyone. Naturally, for the most part I worked with my own team, but a lot of my work required input and advice from other teams as well,” he adds.

After spending the summer with Algol Chemicals, Henrik has gained a good overall picture of the chemical supply business. At the same time, the work experience has sparked his interest in working in similar tasks after graduation. He has gained a lot of experience working within a corporate HSEQ department, while also acquiring a general understanding of chemicals distribution.

From the perspective of Algol Chemicals’ HSEQ team, Henrik was a great help in handling time-consuming routines that demand a lot of concentration.

“All of our team members could leave on vacation when it was their turn and truly relax on their holiday knowing that their work was in good hands,” confirms Päivi Autiovuori, HSEQ Team Leader at Algol Chemicals.

“Our job demands special knowledge and profound familiarisation with the field. Vacation time often contains unexpected situations that demand full concentration from the permanent workforce, and at those moments it is very valuable to have a qualified pair of hands running the routines. Henrik learned the tasks very fast and got to see all the different sides of the job. He visited our tank warehouse in Turku, participated in chemical safety training and took part in everything that was going on in the team. He also helped out with customer service and product management, plus he was in communication with various domestic and international stakeholders both inside and outside of the company,” Päivi summarises.


*Health, Safety, Environment & Quality


A summer job that offered new opportunities

Last summer I was in the final stages of my Master’s degree studies and eager to find a summer job in my field. I wanted to get to apply my own skills in versatile tasks while also gaining new experiences in a working environment. As a communication student I felt that it would be important to experience actual work assignments in practice in order for me to challenge my existing knowledge. A summer job in my field would be highly valuable for future job opportunities along with testing my expertise.



I was fortunate to get a summer job at Algol Chemicals, where I was offered an internship in marketing communications. The internship consisted of versatile tasks and new challenges. It was the perfect job for me. I felt very pleased with the tasks assigned to me. My job consisted of both simpler and more challenging tasks, which kept everything in balance and allowed me to develop further. I also got familiar with tools and systems that were new to me. I got especially acquainted with how to make use of marketing automation. Another important thing that I have learned is to always look at the bigger picture rather than getting too caught up with smaller details. Learning to pay attention to several different parts that together form an effective marketing communication has also taught me how to manage multiple tasks at once.

This was my first job experience in my own field, and therefore it was extra meaningful to me. I was hoping to feel welcome and comfortable in my new position. From the very first day I was warmly welcomed to the work community. My work required a lot of cooperation with other employees at the company. Everyone were friendly and helpful which made cooperating smooth. The overall atmosphere was very positive.

After the summer I was offered a continuation to my contract. We agreed that I would work part time during my final studies. This agreement suited me well since I only had a few courses left and was perfectly able to continue working along with the final courses. After I was done with my final studies I was offered the opportunity to continue with a full time contract until the end of June.

My time at Algol Chemicals has been really great. This has been a truly instructive and important experience for me. I have had the chance to apply my knowledge in my day-to-day work in addition to trying new things. I have gained a lot of confidence in my tasks and it has been nice to see myself developing in different areas. I am truly happy to have had the opportunity to work in my own field this close to my graduation. During my time at Algol Chemicals I have gained a good overview of what it is like to work in marketing communications. I have been able to work in an international company environment, gotten familiar with different practices and systems, worked on diverse writing and visual assignments, made new contacts and learned new things. I have received a lot of support and mentoring during my time at Algol Chemicals. The warm and welcoming atmosphere made it easy to settle in.



Never stop learning

Last February I received a Linkedin message, which to my suprise wasn’t spam or marketing. A month from that I found myself signing a contract for Algol Chemicals and I couldn’t been happier for the opportunity. My aim for the spring was to get myself a job in a big and traditional corporation to learn the culture and systems they operate. The last few years along with my studies I had worked in different startups, learning the extremely fast paced and diverse startup scene with it challenges and problems, so I needed something different in my portfolio to avoid being classified too much into the startup-pöhinä (the so called startup buzz in Finland). Algol Chemicals came to the rescue as a knight in a shiny armour.

During my different work assignments in the past years, I got myself tangled in the world of digital marketing. I quickly realised its potential for the corporate world and with the help of courses, active mentoring and practical work it became a strong asset for me to use. I specialized in platforms as Business Facebook and Google Ads. The thing with these platforms is continuous testing and usage, constantly monitoring new changes and upgrades and applying them into your job. I craved the opportunity to test my skills in a big and multinational firm and now I finally got the chance. I got hired to upgrade the Google Ads platform for AC.

I started as a part-time employee, working a day a week with the upgrade to full-time in the beginning of summer. The flexible working hours suited me perfectly, since I had courses to complete in school in the springtime. I admit, it took time to slowly learn the company’s product and service portfolio and understand anything about chemical and base-industry. Luckily, I had all the coworkers who’s jolly attitude and welcoming approach were there to help with all the questions I had. After a few strategy updates, a pair of meetings with the marketing teams and a bit of small talk in the corridors, I had a very good sense about what the company is all about to really start tackling my tasks in the summer.

Rapidly further familiarising myself in the summer with the products and systems of the company, I noticed that the scene and application of the Google infrastructure at Algol Chemicals was very different than anything I had encountered before. However, our marketing team was eager to help and come up with solutions I could use and enforce for the platform and together we made a very exemplar infrastructure for the company.

During my stay I have learned a lot about the platforms I thought I knew like my pockets. Our small marketing team was there to give ideas and teach me things about the industry which opened my eyes and thinking to a whole new level and sure made me a stronger digital marketing wizard.

The environment I had to work has been very encouraging and fun to be around. The laughter in the coffee breaks, the restless topics of the lunch table and merry events of my co-workers made it easy to feel like a part of something big. I also have to mention all the materialistic benefits I’ve got to enjoy for the first time in my career, as a company phone, comprehensive company benefits for recreation and healthiness and (what I’ve come to love) my first own office.

All in all I can easily say that Algol Chemicals has been one of the best jobs I’ve ever had, and luckily I’ll get to enjoy it a bit more as my contract got extended until December! The part-time and elastic hours suit me well, since I have to finish my master’s degree concurrently.


Exploiting opportunities

 Ronja Rättö started working at Algol Chemicals in the beginning of summer 2018. She applied for a summer job as part of the HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) team. Ronja became interested in the chemical industry already before working at Algol Chemicals and is currently studying chemistry at the University of Helsinki for her 4th year. During the spring of 2018 she was searching online for a summer job. While going through multiple job ads Algol Chemicals caught her eye. “I decided to apply for the job because it sounded interesting and the tasks seemed versatile. I was especially interested in getting to work with material safety data sheets and multiple HSEQ projects. At first I felt a bit nervous about all the new challenges, but a good introduction and support from my team made me feel welcome”, Ronja explains.


 Ronja’s tasks include keeping material safety data sheets and exposure scenarios up to date, communicating with partners, preparing labels and collecting information on transport classifications of chemicals. “Daily tasks include contact with customers and suppliers, updating specifications and working with platforms like Therefore, ASW and EcoOnline, for example”, Ronja explains. She finds it has been easy to get used to different platforms since they were logical to use.

“At the beginning of summer I already had great expectations about the new job. I was eager to learn more about material safety data sheets and how they are compiled as well as the platforms used in the process”, Ronja admits. Ronja also wanted to learn more about the chemicals legislation and about the legislative obligations for the company. After spending the summer with Algol Chemicals, Ronja has gained knowledge and skills that will benefit her in the future. “I was quickly able to start working independently thanks to a very good introduction from my team. Working with material safety data sheets, classifications, labelling and packaging as well as learning about existing classifications and regulations has been important to me. Seeing how international the operations are and cooperating with India and the Baltics among others has taught me a lot”, Ronja summarises.

“My job as part of the HSEQ team has met my expectations. Before starting my work at Algol Chemicals I wasn’t familiar with different legislations and decrees that affect the company and its operations. I also learned a lot about the transportation and packing of chemicals. My co-workers provided me with important information and support, which I found very helpful”, Ronja explains. Applying for the trainee position was based on Ronja’s will of getting to know different opportunities in the chemical industry. “In school you are not introduced to all the possible different fields of work in the chemical industry and the daily tasks included”, Ronja adds.

Ronja describes a good atmosphere in the work community. “Everybody greets everybody, even if they don’t know them personally. I was surprised of how easy it has been to become a part of the work community and how welcoming everyone has been. It is easy to ask for help since everyone is so friendly”. Ronja felt trusted by her co-workers especially when co-workers have asked her for help. She has also been working closely with our customer service team.

Ronja summarises her experience at Algol as positive. She is thankful for having had the chance to be part of so many things during her traineeship. She has had the chance to be a part of different trainings and has been able to follow along to see the different areas of our operations. Additionally she has been getting familiar with new platforms and upcoming changes in the chemical industry.

The chemical industry is full of different kinds of career paths. There are many jobs and tasks that Ronja finds interesting. “My experience at Algol Chemicals has helped me better understand different career paths and possibilities. This summer as a HSEQ trainee has been truly wonderful”, Ronja adds. Ronja is well liked and her contribution has been appreciated. Her good performance enabled that her contract got extended and she was able to continue working at Algol Chemicals along with her studies.


A valuable experience

Offering summer jobs to students is a great opportunity for companies to provide valuable work experience while getting some new insight into their operations. One of our trainees, who has been working with us for this summer is Iina-Emilia Puukangas. She is a student at the Aalto University where she studies Bioinformation Technology as her major and Industrial Engineering and Management as her minor. Iina has been working as a HSEQ (Health, Safety, Environment & Quality) trainee at Algol Chemicals during the summer of 2019.

Iina’s interest in chemistry started at a young age. She was inspired by her dad, who has a career in engineering. At school she did well in natural sciences and mathematics and says that it felt natural to continue after that. In high school she studied chemistry and it is still a part of her current studies. Iina has previously been working at a summer camp for kids and during her spare time she has been very active in sports. “As my first “office job” in chemistry this has been a great experience,” Iina explains.

Iina’s position as a HSEQ trainee included tasks like handling emails related to safety data sheets, handling product specifications and batch analyzes. She describes her tasks as versatile and she has been able to learn a lot about chemicals through her tasks. “I was very surprised by the versatility of the work,” Iina adds. In her daily job she has been introduced to different types of platforms and programs, such as ASW, Salesforce, EcoOnline for editing and saving safety data sheets, and of course Word and Excel. “I have gotten the chance to get familiar with several platforms. Knowing how they work is valuable for the future, even in the case that I wouldn’t be using the same platforms again. It will make it easier to understand other platforms in the future.”

The position as a HSEQ trainee was found by chance when Iina was searching for a suitable summer job. “The ad said that they were looking for a chemistry student and it is what caught my attention. I’m not studying chemistry at the moment, but I studied chemistry in high school and it is still a part of my current studies at Aalto University,” Iina explains.

“The application process was smooth and fast. Following the submission of the application, I was contacted by phone and we arranged for an interview.The interview was quite close to the first phone call and I was informed that I had been selected for the job quite soon after the interview,” Iina explains. “I hadn’t heard about Algol before and I was quite surprised by how extensive the business actually is,” Iina adds. She also describes the introduction to her tasks as very good. “I had help right by my side during the first few days. After that I was able to start working more independently”. Iina quickly learned the basics and she feels that she has gotten all the help that she needs. “I have been able to ask for help from all my coworkers. Everyone has been helpful,” she adds.

Iina describes the work community as comfortable and as one with a low hierarchy. “It is easy to sit down around the coffee table and talk to everyone. I have felt very welcome,” Iina explains. “Us summer workers had some introductions together and we arranged lunches and other activities together. It has been nice to be able to share the experience with others in the same situation,” she adds.

Iina’s expectations for the new job were fulfilled. Before starting her job at Algol Chemicals she hoped that she would have the opportunity to get to try many different things. “I was hoping to get to know chemicals better and to learn more about the business around them, as well as the different possibilities in the field,” Iina explains. When asked if she has learned something valuable for the future, she says “I’ve learned a lot about chemical legislation, how it works and what it involves. I was surprised by the amount of legislation that is involved in chemicals. We don’t really deal with chemical legislation in our studies.”

“I would recommend this position to my fellow students. I have truly enjoyed my time at Algol and I feel like it has been a beneficial experience to work as a HSEQ trainee at Algol Chemicals. This job has given me a good overview of my future possibilities in this field,” she adds.



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